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Written by King Of Diamonds   
Tuesday, 01 April 2003 00:00
Enraged by the length of time he was left on hold by the Howard Stern Show, Eric the Actor went over the edge. Following this brush-off a vicious argument with Colekane ensued, so Eric announced he was turning off his cam and mic and calling Johnny. Unfortunately for The Modfather he didnt get his equipment shut off properly and the JFSC Chatroom was witness to one of the most disturbing displays of explosive anger since Eric threatened to break Fred's fingers. As seen in the following picture, Eric called Johnny up enraged, demanding that Johnny call the Stern show and order them to answer his call. He was brandishing a pistol and screaming out that he "knew what to do now too" and even told Johnny if it didn't happen he would "Fly down to L.A. and have a talk with you!".
Johnny Fratto has been unavailable for comment.
More to come...
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